Our Costs

The costs of a Visa on Arrival (VOA) depend on the duration of your stay, the chosen processing time, whether you request a single or multiple entry visa and whether you prefer a private letter or not. The table below provides an overview of the costs. For a full overview, the stamping fee to be paid upon arrival at the immigration is also shown. The stamping fee can be paid in USD, Euro’s or VND. If you require a private letter, which is unnecessary to obtain a VOA, you pay an additional 3 euro per person. That’s considerably cheaper than others, ready why.

* Rush: If you choose our express service, you receive your approval letter the next working day between 18.00 en 19.00h (CET+7).
Business visa: We are able to arrange your business visa for 1, 3, 6 months and/or 1 year. Please contact us for costs, processing times and stamping fees.

Why are we cheaper than others?

Online there are many VOA-providers. The cost of the most standard visa, a one month single entry visa, is on average between 18-25 USD per person. Some providers charge additional consultation costs and may charge up to 100 USD per person. Why are we cheaper with asking prices from only € 12.50? The various reasons are listed below:

No intermediary costs

As we live and work in Vietnam, we have direct connections with Vietnamese immigration officers. That means we don’t have to charge intermediary costs.

Lower taxes

As we are a Vietnam based and registered company, we only have to pay Vietnamese taxes. Those taxes are lower than most countries we provide our services to and hence allows us to further lower the asking price. Despite being a Vietnamese company, we do work conform European safety and privacy rules: our website is SSL-encrypted ensuring a safe pay environment and all your personal details are dismissed at your day of arrival in Vietnam.

No unnecessary additional costs for a private letter

As we mentioned on our visa information page, the Vietnamese immigration standard is to process multiple VOA-requests at the same time. Therefore multiple customers will be shown in the same letter. You will likely not know those people and not meet them either. For you visa on arrival it is of only interest that your name and details are complete and correct. Some visa providers arrange private letters, but they are more expensive. As we understand not all our customers want to share their personal details with others, we leave the choice up to you: If you prefer a private letter you can indicate this in the request form for a small additional fee of 3 euro per person. However, most visa providers don’t provide (the option of) a private letter and that leads to the next point:

VOA providers apply excessive profit margins

That’s just our opinion, especially as most VOA providers usually don’t arrange a private letter. But fair is fair, we are not dependent on the income of VOA-sales. YourVisaforVietnam is more like a hobby. Nonetheless it is a very serious hobby, as we are well aware of our responsibilities. We like to do you a favour by providing our services to you.