Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have questions left after reading our information and costs pages, there is a big chance you will find the answer here. The questions are divided into four main sections: ‘General Visa Information’, ‘The Approval, Authorisation or Invitation Letter’, ‘Upon Arrival in Vietnam’ and ‘Payments and Personal Details’. 

General Visa Information

How does the e-visa work and can I apply?

At 1 February 2017 the Vietnamese government introduced the e-visa, which will be tested during a two year pilot project. Only a limited number of people are eligible to apply for an e-visa. Please read our page with visa information what the e-visa is and how it works, and why we recommend to not make use of this option yet -even if you are allowed to obtain it- due to its unreliable status.

Do I need a visa for Vietnam?

The vast majority of travellers will need a visa to enter Vietnam. Some nationalities are eligible to visa exemption, but usually for at most 15 days. Please find a list of nationalities who are eligible for visa exemption here, together with the maximal allowed period of stay. All individuals with their own passport, including children and babies, require permission to enter Vietnam.

Do I need a visa for my children or babies?

Every individual with his or her own passport needs a visa, and thus an approval letter in case of a visa on arrival. If your children or babies are included in your passport, then they don’t need their own visa.

Can I buy a visa in Vietnam without arranging anything in advance?

Only a limited list of nationalities is eligible for visa exemption, of which the vast majority is restricted to a duration of stay of only 15 days. Find a list of nationalities and the maximum allowed period of stay here. All other individuals have to arrange a visa in advance, otherwise entrance to Vietnam will be refused.

I only have a stop/lay-over in Vietnam, do I need a visa?

This depends whether you pass immigration or not. If you have booked two separate flights and you have to check-in again for your second flight, you likely have to pass immigration. Those who pass immigration need a visa, and are subject to similar rules as travelllers staying in Vietnam for a longer period of time.

If your luggage is labelled through to your second flight and you stay within the transfer area of the airport, you don’t pass Vietnamese immigration such that you don’t need a visa. If you are not sure if you have to pass immigration or not, please check with your airline.

What is a Visa on Arrival (VOA) and what is the advantage?

The advantages are: fast, easy, secure, reliable and cheap. To get more information about the VOA and its advantages, please read our info page.

What types of visa are available?

For an elaborate explanation of the available type of visas, please read our info page.

I travel with multiple people, does each individual require a visa?

Yes, each individual with his or her own passport needs a visa. In case of a visa on arrival as such each individual also requires his or her own approval letter.

Is the visa I get upon arrival equal to the visa I would get in advance at an embassy or consulate?

Yes, the visa upon arrival you get in return for the approval letter is identical to the visa you would get at a Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

I don't depart from my country of residence, but from another country. Can I still apply for a visa on arrival?

Yes, as long as you travel to Vietnam by air and land on one of Vietnams main airports (Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), Hanoi (HAN), Danang (DAD) or Nha Trang (CXR)).

I arrive by bus, boat or train. Is a visa on arrival an option for me?

No, unfortunately the visa on arrival is only applicable if you travel to Vietnam by air. If you use a different type of transportation, then please arrange a visa in advance through for instance a Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

I travel to Vietnam by plane, but I leave by land. Is this allowed?

Yes, for a visa on arrival it is of only importance to arrive in Vietnam by air.

My airport of arrival and airport of departure differ. Is this allowed?

Yes, that is allowed.

I don't know my airport of arrival yet, can I apply for a visa on arrival already?

Yes, as long as you are sure you will land on one of Vietnams main airports (Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), Hanoi (HAN), Danang (DAD) or Nha Trang (CXR)) .

I don't know my arrival date yet, can I already apply for a visa on arrival?

We dont recommend it, but it is possible. But please bear in mind that your indicated arrival date is the date your visa starts. You are allowed to arrive later than the indicated date, but not earlier. If you arrive earlier, you will have to apply for a new visa.

Can I arrive before the indicated date of arrival?

No, unfortunately not. If you arrive earlier than indicated, you will have to do a new request with corresponding processing times and service fees. So please make sure you fill in the correct arrival date!

Can I arrive later than the indicated arrival date?

Yes, this is possible, but please bear in mind your visa starts from the indicated arrival date. If you have an approval letter that allows you to stay for instance from 15 July until 15 August, but you arrive 3 days late, then your visa will still expire at the 15th of August.

How far ahead do I need to apply for a visa on arrival?

You have to make sure you receive your approval letter before you departure flight. Our express service provides you the possibility to receive your approval letter the next day between 18h and 19h (CET+7).

Can I take domestic flights with a single entry visa?

Yes, thats no problem. Your visa only expires after you have left Vietnam.

What if my application is refused?

In the unfortunate case your visa application is denied by the Vietnamese immigration, we will refund your money. Usually we cannot further inform you about the reason of refusal, hence we suggest you to get in contact with the Vietnamese embassy in your country of residence. Please make sure all your personal details are correctly provided when applying for your visa on arrival.

The Approval/Authorisation/Invitation Letter

I made a (spelling) mistake in my application, can I correct this?

To avoid problems, it is very important there are no (small) (spelling) mistakes in your approval letter. If unfortunately mistakes occur, we cannot correct this for you. Instead we have to apply for a new letter, which comes with standard service costs. However, we offer a correction insurance at an additional cost of only €3 per person. This insurance allows you to request a one time change of the details in your letter at no additional costs. However, bear in mind such corrections take standard processing times. Hence make sure you apply for your visa in time, be accurate when filling in the application form and check the approval letter carefully on mistakes!

I prefer to not share my personal details with others, is this possible?

Yes, we do offer the option to apply for a private letter. This letter only contains your own (or your groups) details. A private letter is not necessary to obtain a visa on arrival, but is only a service for those customers who prefer to keep their personal details private. Our option to apply for a private letter comes at an additional cost of €3.00 per person.

Do I have to print the approval letter or can I bring it digital?

We recommend you to print the approval letter, to ensure your airline allows you to check-in on your flight. We cannot guarantee this if you bring your letter digital (phone, tablet, laptop).

There is a mistake in my approval letter. Am I in trouble?

Yes, there is a fair chance you are in trouble, especially if your passport number or date of arrival is incorrect. But every (small) (spelling) mistake potentially causes trouble: there is a significant chance your airline will not allow you on your flight, because officially Vietnamese immigration is allowed to refuse you when details are displayed wrong. Therefore it is important to arrange your visa in time and to make sure all details are correct.

I did not get a booking confirmation and neither did I get an approval letter.

If you did not get a booking confirmation within 24 hours, and if you did not get your approval letter within 3 working days (or 1 working day for our express service), then please make sure you check the following first:

– Check your spam box (especially Hotmail and Live users).
– Make sure the email-address you provided was correct.
– Make sure your inbox is not full

If this is the case and you did not receive any email, then please contact us.

Upon Arrival in Vietnam

Where do I pick up my visa on arrival?

You can pick up your visa on arrival at the Vietnamese immigration office at your port of arrival. This office is indicated by ‘Landing visa’ or ‘Visa upon Arrival’ signs. There are ground officials present to point you in the right direction in case you cannot find the immigration office.

How can I pick up my visa on arrival?

Upon arrival in Vietnam, you go to the Vietnamese immigration office indicated by ‘landing visa’ or ‘visa upon arrival’. There you hand in your approval letter, an N1-application form, a pssport photo and your passport. Then you take place at a seat until Vietnamese immigration has glued your visa in your passport. This takes 5 to 50 minutes. Your name will be called out once your passport is finished, you pay the stamping fee and you will get your passport back.

Can I pick up my visa at night or during national holidays?

Yes, the immigration office is open 24 hours a day all year round.

How long I have to wait upon arrival before I receive my visa?

This depends how busy it is at Vietnamese immigration, but the whole process takes about 5-50 minutes. You don’t have to wait in line during this time: you only hand in your documents after which you can take a seat and wait until your name is called out. In the meantime your luggage will be offloaded, meaning you don’t have to wait for your luggage anymore once you have your passport back.

Payment and Personal Details

How can I pay your service fees?

You can pay us through your PayPal-account, by credit/debit card or through iDeal. Please indicate in the application form which payment method you prefer. 

Is it safe to pay at

Yes, no need to worry. Our payments are processed by well-known external payment platforms such as PayPal and iDeal. Therefore payments occur in the safe area of PayPal or your own bank. Also payments directly on our website are safe: we work conform European safety standards and have an SSL-encrypted website such that safe payments are ensured.

Can I get a refund if something went wrong?

We recommend you to read our terms and conditions. You can get a refund in case your visa application has been refused, but for other cases we recommend you to get in contact with us.

What happens with my personal details?

We only require your personal details to be able to process your visa request. We guarantee your personal details will not be used for other (commercial) purposes. We delete your details one day after your indicated date of arrival in Vietnam.

What if my visa application is rejected?

In the unfortunate case your visa application is rejected by Vietnamese immigration, we will refund the service fee we charged you. Usually we do not get a reason for rejection, hence we recommend you to contact the Vietnamese embassy in your country of residence in case your application has been refused. Please make sure you provide us with the correct details in the application form to avoid problems.